What the Heck is a Rogue Artist Anyway?

If you’ve been looking around the website for the Distance Energy Club you may have noticed the tag line on the header of each page: “from Rogue Artist Andrew MacKay”. And if you did notice that you may have thought to yourself – well that’s a bit peculiar – what the heck is that all about! Let me explain 🙂

I have been working with Alex Baisley through his Big Dream Program (more about that here) and one of the earliest ideas we came up with together involved the combination of a bunch of things I like to do and believe in, rolled up into a “life philosophy” which has continued to weave its way into everything that I do. And here it is showing up in the Distance Energy Club as well!

Behind the Rogue Artist movement is a set of ideals and activities, the primary purpose of which is to encourage everyone to see the world in new and different ways. To shake up your viewpoints and provide a richer perspective on everything you encounter in your life. It is a set of principles and (ever-expanding) list of mind-opening activities (simple art projects, life hacks)- things that anyone can use to help them come up with creative solutions within their own lives, and ultimately help improve the world.

Out of our discussions of the Rogue Artist came the idea of using energy healing to help increase creativity and help remove “creative blocks” for artists. This lead to exploring the idea that, in many cases, when an artist experiences creative block (has trouble realizing their life work) there is something else behind that blockage – there is something else in their life that needs unblocking (a relationship issue, health issue, money issue etc.) in order allow the person to fully realize their potential. And it’s not only people who consider themselves artists who get these creative blocks. Anyone who is struggling – feeling like they aren’t living their true purpose, feeling stuck – is dealing with essentially the same thing.

And so, in many ways the Distance Energy Club is intertwined with the ideals of the Rogue Artist. And it is why the healing that comes out of it has a unique flavour all its own – one that nurtures the artist in all of us. Because we are all artists/creatives when it comes to designing our lives, and displaying our true selves.