Do We Have the Capacity to Really Know Truth?

I was recently going through one of my notebooks and came across something I wrote in September of 2021. I’m intrigued by my motivations for writing it at that time and the place I was in. I agree with much of it still but I’m not sure I would write it in this way today. I’d like to share it with you here:

Humans have a tendency to believe that what we create is what is real, what is truth. But this is arbitrary. Is is only what we have decided should happen, not ultimately truth or ultimately valid necessarily.

We also tend to overestimate our worth in our pursuit of correcting past wrongs. We often believe that any issue that we encounter can be solved by creating or engineering something new, applying it to the problematic situation and improving it. Generally this approach involves adding a new layer to the issue – the corrective layer. Unfortunately these approaches often only provide a partial or temporary solution, and even more often end up having unintended consequences or side effects that can’t be seen initially. Our limited perspective on long-term trends allows us to overlook these issues and assume that our fix is more beneficial than any future problems it might cause. But this is human folly – arrogance and ego at its worst.

As for truth, one should wonder if humans even have the capacity to grasp ultimate truth, given our propensity to invent, promote, instill and believe whatever we think is best for society, or so we would be lead to believe. But there are many layers to this, built up over centuries. All of them “discovered” or invented by humans. There is no way to know for sure which of those layers contain “truth”, given that each is successively added and “discovered” assuming that the prior knowledge that informed it is based on truth. To unravel this you would have to go right back to the beginning of time, assuming there is a beginning to go to. Its an impossibility wrapped in unknowns. So all we have is what we have. We have to continue on in our arbitrary framework. But there is great value in recognizing that none of it is fully true in the purest sense. Our minds should be open to ideas that don’t fit today’s version of reality yet. We should listen to our bodies and let them receive our birth rite – the ability to access a higher level of consciousness that could help us fill in the pieces that may be missing from what we perceive as “reality”. Pieces that, when gathered, could provide a fuller picture, a more complete vision of humanity and earth working as a unified force, instead of at odds with each other. That consciousness will help us make changes that are at the root of issues plaguing the world – war, climate, medical, hunger, etc. Not adding more stop-gap “solutions” but restructuring everything in a way that promotes harmonious living at its root.

This will be a sea change, societally, economically, even physically within our bodies. Nothing less will be enough to continue human life on earth for the longer term.