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Some of the most common questions have been compiled below. If you have any other questions please ask!

Q – What is Reiki?
A – Reiki is an an ancient holistic healing arts discipline using natural universal energy.  The word “Reiki” is formed from two Japanese words: Rei and Ki.  The word Rei means “spiritual wisdom”.  This wisdom is all-knowing and it understands each person completely.  It knows the cause of all problems and difficulties and knows how to heal them.  The word Ki means “vital life force energy”.  It is the energy that animates and sustains all living things.  By joining the meanings of these two Japanese words together, Reiki translates to mean “spiritually guided life force energy” or “wise energy”.

Q – What is a distance energy session?
A – There are techniques in Reiki that are used to eliminate the barriers of time and space.  This allows energy to be sent to another individual across the room, across town, in another part of the world, in any other time or space.  These are the techniques that are used to carry out our distance sessions.

Q – What are the benefits of taking part?
A – Reiki sessions, whether in person or over a distance, provide many potential benefits. These can include effects on relaxation/stress reduction, health, mood/energy, relationships, sleep quality and many others. Everything is energy, so everything is affected by energy healing.

Q – What is the cost to join?
A – There is a two week free trial that you can sign up for without providing any payment details. If you decide to become a member after the trial, the cost is $22/month and it can be billed to your credit card. The cost works out to less than $2 per session, and the goal with this program is to be able to provide energy healing on a large scale at a price that is affordable for the vast majority of people.

Q – What should I be doing during the session time?
A – Some people like to sit somewhere comfortable and quiet, and try to relax and clear their minds.  This state may allow you to notice the effects of the energy more clearly, but isn’t required for the benefits of the session to be received, and in fact what is more common for my particular type of energy is that people notice more in terms of progress throughout the week.  If you prefer to continue going about your day during the session time that is perfectly fine. We don’t connect in the traditional sense (no phone or Skype) during the sessions, but I will follow up by email after with notes about the session experiences. It would be a good idea to put a reminder in your calendar for the sessions times – Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 1:15pm eastern.

Q – What happens if I’m busy at the time that a particular session is happening?
A – You can choose how you would like to handle this.  You will still receive the energy and its benefits even if you aren’t able to devote the time to focusing on it directly.  Alternatively you can choose an alternate time on your own to have the session.  Energy is not limited by distance or time so if you intend for the session to be received at an alternate time then you will receive its benefits when you ask for it.

Q – What are your qualifications/experience related to energy healing?
A – I am a certified Reiki Master Practitioner, having complete the 3 levels of training required to achieve certification. In addition I have completed hundreds of distance energy sessions. I also practice Reiki energy healing on a daily basis including hands on self-care, meditation, chakra balancing etc.

Q – What happens during a session?
A – I channel Reiki energy to all members of the group during our sessions. There are a number of things that I do in order to optimize that experience for everyone. Firstly I sit quietly, clear my mind and use some techniques (such as a “Reiki shower”) to cleanse my energy field and activate the Reiki in myself. Next I state the purpose of the session (silently in my mind) and the people who are a part of the session. I also have a list of all group members with me which I either hold or have sitting beside me. I also state silently all of the specific healing that members have requested for the week. Following that I visualize each of the Reiki sacred symbols, and repeat their names 3 times. Each symbol has a specific purpose – to strengthen the Reiki energy, to assist mental/emotional healing, to activate the distance healing etc.
All of the above takes only a few minutes and following that is the energy healing process itself. For that I sit quietly and connect deeply with the energy source. Each session is different and I am guided to feel and experience different things as the wisdom of the energy comes through. Some of the types of things I often feel during sessions: sensations/feelings in various parts of the body (tingling, heat, cold etc.), the feeling of movement in the body despite being still, gratitude, waves of energy, visions of colours, etc. While this is happening each of us in the group is connected to this energy and you may feel sensations as well. The spiritually guided life force energy will always find it’s way to you and work for your greatest good.

Q – What can I expect in terms of email communications with you?
A – I will send a group email out within a day after each session to provide my feedback about the happenings during the session. Due to the number of people involved I won’t be able to send personalized individual messages. I will also send out a weekly email asking for your input on things you’d like to get out of the upcoming sessions.

Q – Why do you do sessions with groups of people as opposed to individually?
A – Group sessions can provide a number of benefits over individual sessions, although there are benefits to both types of sessions.  In a group session, the energy healing received by each individual can benefit all the other members of the group directly, multiplying its effect. There is also a sense of community being part of a group, which is extremely important these days where real community is rare.  In addition the cost is greatly reduced over what individual sessions usually cost.

Q – Is it possible to pick up negative energy from others in the group?
A – Reiki energy always knows what a person needs and will adjust itself to create the effect that is appropriate for them. It is always helpful and will never cause harm. The practitioner or other members of a group session are not in danger of taking on the karma of any member of the group.

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