New Consciousness: Do We Need to Give Up Our Vices?

Before I got into energy healing and meditation I noticed that many people who went down that path had given up certain things from their life, such as consuming alcohol. At the time I had always assumed that this was a sacrifice that the person was making in order to further themselves along the spriritual path. A very deliberate choice made in order to foster improvement in themselves.

Now that I am following the path of healing I’ve found that in many cases the way that comes about is actually quite different than I had imagined. For many who have embraced energy healing and meditation it’s actually a much more organic process. For me I didn’t make a conscious decision to reduce my alcohol consumption, but I found that as I moved along this path I had less and less desire to consume alcohol. In fact I find my body actually rejects it much more strongly than it used to.

Where I am currently in life I rarely drink alcohol at all, but it was never a deliberate decision or a sacrifice made to somehow improve my spirituality. It was just what I needed based on the way I feel at this time. And I’ve spoken to other healers who have had a similar experience.

At the same time there is often less desire for the escape that alcohol provides when you spend more time in meditation and other healing modalities. The pleasure you feel from connecting more deeply to yourself and your source in many ways takes over for what was formerly provided by something more external to yourself. It can lierally provide a natural high that is much healthier and sustainable.

What my body needs may change over time, as it has in the past. And I will try to listen to it and continue along the healing path in whatever way I am guided to.

Ancestral Healing

A study was done with mice where a pain stimulus was paired with a sound, so every time the mouse experienced the pain the sound was heard. After time the sound alone caused the same response in the mouse as when they had felt the pain. This is fairly standard stuff, but the interesting part is that they waited for two generations later (the grandchildren of the mice that had the initial experiments done) and low and behold those mice reacted to the sound the same way the original mice did, but they had never been exposed to the pain. It’s believed that the trauma that the mice felt was encoded into their DNA and passed down to their offspring and then to their offspring.

This area of study is called Epigenetics and I find it very fascinating. It also has a very important connection to energy healing, in that Reiki can be sent to ancestors in order help them and to affect change in the life of later generations. This is due to the nature of time and space and how energy transcends these. By engaging in distance energy healing and sending that energy to the ancestors who may have experienced trauma in their life, we can help initiate healing that might help reduce the blocked energy at the source, and hence minimize transfer through DNA encoding to current generations. The implications of this are both fascinating and mind-boggling!

If you’d like to explore this more it can be helpful to draw out your family tree going back three generations (starting with your great grand parents) and then start making note of any traumatic events or situations that any of those ancestors experienced in their lives. You may start to notice trends of higher levels of trauma in certain lines (direct off-spring) and this could indicate a good area to focus on in your distance energy sessions, directing healing to those people who need it the most.

And if you are a member of the distance energy club feel free to provide details that you would like addressed in our group sessions. That’s a great time to have some healing energy sent to your ancestors!