Monthly Theme for December – Money

This month we’ll be adding a little extra focus in our sessions on our new theme – money and finances.  With the holiday season coming up quickly and the strain this puts on many people’s bank accounts, it seemed like a great time to address it.

Money is an important part of who we are in our society. It’s one of those things we often don’t talk about but many of us have issues with money that can take away our focus and allow us to lose track of our true purpose.  Some of us don’t have enough, or think that money is the cause of problems, or that the pursuit of wealth (whatever your definition of that might be) is somehow incompatible with your morals and ideals. It doesn’t have to be that way, and the additional work we do in our sessions this month will provide some extra energy to the areas within ourselves that are linked to these beliefs.

Here are some other things you can do to work on your relationship with money:

  • Practice being aware of what it is you spend your money on – think about how much you are spending on something and how much that particular item costs relative to your entire income
  • Before purchasing something extra think about whether it brings you joy or not. If it doesn’t then maybe you should reconsider the purchase
  • Take note of any changes that may take place during the month related to your money – try to notice small changes in your feelings or beliefs related to money