Monthly Theme for April

As I mentioned by email to members of the group a few days back, I haven’t created a theme this month – it kind of slipped my mind to be honest, and wasn’t top priority given everything that’s been going on. But there’s still time to approach this subject and I would like to put extra emphasis on the health of humans around the world during this time of global crisis.  I have already been adding intention to our sessions for healing related to the COVID-19 virus and I think making it our special theme for this month would be most appropriate. This includes energy for boosting the immune system, especially those on the “front line” who are in contact with strangers on a daily basis, and just importantly, mental health issues in dealing with isolation, worry, and anxiety.

Stay safe, and reach out if you need support.  All of us will need it at one point or another during this time.  Community is more important than ever.

Monthly Theme for February – Physical Health!

person on the beach

It’s February, and for many of us that means we’re in the middle of winter! It’s a time of year when the weather can be frightful, and we might end up spending less time outdoors because of it. If you find that’s the case with you I would encourage you to try to get outside more often, even if it’s cold and blustery! There are many health benefits including getting additional exercise as well as the documented benefits of simply spending time out in nature. Being among the trees, even in the dead of winter, is regenerative for the body and soul. So get out there for a walk, ski or snowshoe on a forest trail if you can!

Reiki can also help us improve our health in many ways, including helping with lowering heart rate, blood pressure, and stress hormones, as well as increasing immune strength. It can also help with many specific ailments you might have. This month we will be adding intention to our sessions specifically for our physical health, in addition to our specific requests that each of us can make each week, and the healing that is always provided for our greatest good by the wise energy.

For our greater health!

Monthly Theme for January – Creativity!

Creativity is near and dear to my heart, and something I believe is important in every person’s life. Many think of creativity being the domain of artists, musicians and the like, but in fact creative thinking is important in so many areas: science, entrepreneurship, politics, health care, engineering – anywhere critical thinking is important, creativity will enhance those ideas.

For ideas on how to “stretch your creative mind” please check out my Rogue Artist page and try out some of the suggestions found there.

Monthly Theme for December – Money

This month we’ll be adding a little extra focus in our sessions on our new theme – money and finances.  With the holiday season coming up quickly and the strain this puts on many people’s bank accounts, it seemed like a great time to address it.

Money is an important part of who we are in our society. It’s one of those things we often don’t talk about but many of us have issues with money that can take away our focus and allow us to lose track of our true purpose.  Some of us don’t have enough, or think that money is the cause of problems, or that the pursuit of wealth (whatever your definition of that might be) is somehow incompatible with your morals and ideals. It doesn’t have to be that way, and the additional work we do in our sessions this month will provide some extra energy to the areas within ourselves that are linked to these beliefs.

Here are some other things you can do to work on your relationship with money:

  • Practice being aware of what it is you spend your money on – think about how much you are spending on something and how much that particular item costs relative to your entire income
  • Before purchasing something extra think about whether it brings you joy or not. If it doesn’t then maybe you should reconsider the purchase
  • Take note of any changes that may take place during the month related to your money – try to notice small changes in your feelings or beliefs related to money

Monthly Theme for November – Relationships!

I’d like to announce that we’re going to be trying out something new as an addition to our club! Everything will still be happening exactly like before, but in addition each month there will be a specific theme that will be included in the intentions for all of the sessions that month. The energy will still work for your greatest good in whatever way you need at that time, and you can still make special requests each week. We’re not going to be focusing on the theme directly every session, but overall there will be an extra dose of energy specifically for things in your life related to that theme. The themes are quiet, but they’re always underneath everything that we’re doing. For November our theme will be relationships!

Here are some items that would good to watch out for and take note of during the month, related to relationships:

  • Take special note of any improvements that you may have noticed in your relationships
  • Watch for an extra smile or even eye contact from a person you know, or even someone you don’t yet know, who may be someone whose presence will enhance your life or you theirs
  • To further enhance a relationship you have with someone, try creating a list of all of the things you like about the person – even (especially!) all of the little things – which will help further the intentions of the relationship

I hope you’ll enjoy this new addition to the Distance Energy Club! I’ll be announcing the upcoming monthly themes for December and beyond soon!