Monthly Theme for February – Physical Health!

It’s February, and for many of us that means we’re in the middle of winter! It’s a time of year when the weather can be frightful, and we might end up spending less time outdoors because of it. If you find that’s the case with you I would encourage you to try to get outside more often, even if it’s cold and blustery! There are many health benefits including getting additional exercise as well as the documented benefits of simply spending time out in nature. Being among the trees, even in the dead of winter, is regenerative for the body and soul. So get out there for a walk, ski or snowshoe on a forest trail if you can!

Reiki can also help us improve our health in many ways, including helping with lowering heart rate, blood pressure, and stress hormones, as well as increasing immune strength. It can also help with many specific ailments you might have. This month we will be adding intention to our sessions specifically for our physical health, in addition to our specific requests that each of us can make each week, and the healing that is always provided for our greatest good by the wise energy.

For our greater health!