Clearing Energy Blockages

I wanted to share a little insight into the healing process in general.  Sometimes when we receive energy through a Reiki session we feel things getting better right away – we feel calmer, more relaxed, generally at ease.  But other times there can be a temporary uneasy feeling that comes over us as our body goes through the process of working on the issue that needs to be dealt with.  It can be an uncomfortable feeling, one where you might have trouble maintaining a positive viewpoint about your progress. But, with training and experience I have learned to recognize these things for what they are – a necessary step in the healing path – and one that will provide personal growth. So if you ever feel this way after a session, please know that it is temporary and is leading to amazing things coming your way! 

If you would like to encourage healing the best thing you can do is try to quiet your mind and explore within yourself to try to discover what part of your body is “active” when you are experiencing that uncomfortable feeling.  By “active” I mean a spot that you feel tension, pain, tingling or some other sensation that is a bit out of the ordinary.  Then spend time focusing on and feeling that spot out, while noticing everything you can about it (size, shape, colour, temperature etc.) The more attention you can give to the spot, the more likely the blockage will be released.

In more extreme instances of energy blockage clearing you could experience something that some people call a “healing crisis”. This is where your body goes through a major energy shift and it can be accompanied by physical reactions to speed up the detoxification of the body. This can include sympotoms such as upset stomach, light-headedness, fatigue, gas etc. There’s a good article here with more details about the healing crisis.