Today I Grieve – And Experience The Fullness of Life

Do you take the time to grieve the losses in your life? Do you think its important to do so?

There are many reasons we grieve. Some are obvious, others hidden, but all affect us in some way. Often profound ways.

Today I grieve recent and not so recent losses.

The loss of connection with old friends who meant a lot to me.

The loss of people who are no longer living.

The loss of connection to place.

The loss of deep meaningful community in our society.

The loss of a perceived simpler time.

The loss of my old self.

I grieve these things because I must in order to feel passionate about the things that are in my life now, at this moment. All experiences must be fully lived, fully felt, and fully completed.

Grief is one side of this process.

So is joy,

so is despair,

so is love.

All of these make up the full experience of our life.

So today I feel my grief as fully as I can muster. And open myself to the whole spectrum of emotion. Of life.