Resolving Fear and Pain

I want to talk a bit about fear today. Fear and pain. I know, maybe these are not the topics you want to hear about right now but give me a minute to explain further.

You might see what some people around you are doing and wonder what is motivating them to act the way they do. You might even notice some of these behaviours in yourself if you are aware.

What type of behaviours am I talking about? Perhaps someone is saying negative things about others, or not speaking to their family or other loved ones due to some past conflict. They might be acting in a way that expresses hate for others. In general I’m talking about actions that most of us would consider undesirable given our desire for peaceful co-existence and an inclusive and friendly world. In the bigger world these can also trigger even greater conflicts and even wars amongst nations.

What is causing this behaviour? In many cases it is due to fear and pain held in individuals. I’ll get into this more, but first of all, where does the fear and pain come from? In many cases it comes from experiences the person has had in their life that have been imprinted and affect their actions day to day. This could include traumatic experiences, or shared experiences of expressions of racism, bigotry, sexism, even unhealthy stereotypes. It is often also a result of simply lacking experience interacting with the people or situations that cause the fear.

In addition to experiences a person has had in their life it could also come from past life experiences, in a similar manner. There is interesting research showing how trauma is passed through DNA to future generations. It could even be coming to them directly to the subconscious from “spirit” or other dimensional communications.

And why is it that fear and pain can be attributed as the cause of these negative behaviours? There’s also a lot of research in this area including that of Brene Brown who says “There is so much trauma, addiction and pain underneath hate.” And “Hate is a symptom. Fear is the problem.” There is lots of data and research to back this up so if you are interested I encourage you to delve into it further.

How do we deal with this? Individually we can reduce the fear by becoming familiar with people or situations that make us uncomfortable. Personal interaction is key in this approach. Seeing people in person is so important. This is obviously difficult these days given the pandemic, and is another example of the challenges we are facing due to lock-downs.

Also, question your assumptions. Examine your beliefs as rationally as possible and without initial judgment. It’s OK to discover that you were wrong and to change your thinking on a subject.

Additionally we can work energetically on blockages we have and healing that we need in order to drop the fear and pain that our body is holding onto. Most of us have this at least to a certain degree, and I would argue that it is an extremely important part of this process.

Our fears and pain isn’t something that will clear itself up over night, but each step that is taken helps in the process, and if each of us takes these small steps over time it will lead to great things, for our own health and the health of society.